Choosing the Right KOLs for Your Digital Initiatives in China

Mar 02, 2016

Chinese KOLs come in all different shapes and sizes. They can be utilized to develop brand awareness and drive traffic to your social media or ecommerce channels. Here are 5 key factors we consider when selecting KOLs for our clients:

1. Total followers on WeChat and Weibo
The number of followers determines how influential the post can be and a large number of followers creates the potential for a viral effect.
2. Average page views per post
Having a lot of followers is definitely important, but followers are only valuable if they're reading!
3. Industry/Category coverage
Consumers in China are very selective of KOLs they follow, make sure that your KOLs cover topics related to your industry and are relevant to your consumers. 
4. Price per post
KOLs generally range in price from $2,000-$20,000. Due to the major influence of high priced KOLs we generally recommend concentrating budgets on 1-2 KOLs rather than spreading money around.
5. Their interest in your brand
We have found that one of the biggest game changers for KOLs has been their brand interest. When KOLs care about your brand as much as you do they tend to go the extra mile and push their posts to the limit!
Four Unique Fashion KOLs in China 
1. Love16po (石榴婆报告)
Love16po is the number 1 fashion KOL in China. She has over one million WeChat followers and her page views exceed 100k (the maximum number of reads shown on WeChat!). Love16po has a true understanding of what her audience wants to know and uses pictures of celebrities to give her audience style advice. Love16po charges roughly $20k per post and has worked with brands such as Clinique, ASOS and Estée Lauder.
2. Miss_shopping_li (黎贝卡的异想世界)
Miss_Shopping_Li is another hugely influencial KOL in China. She tends to use very direct language in her posts and gives advice to her followers (e.g. how to apply different types of make-up). Miss_Shopping_Li has around 500k WeChat followers, her posts reach 100k page views and charges around $13k per post. She has launched posts for brands such as: Sephora, Adidas, Roger & Gallet and Ofee.
3. Byparis(手边巴黎)
Byparis is a KOL with 40k follwers and averages 20k views. She charges $3.5k per post. A majority of her posts focus on lifestyle and she tends to insert brands into the adventures she portrays. Byparis has posted for brands such as UR, Cathay Pacific and Saipan Island.
4. Realgogoboi (Gogoboi)
Realgogoboi is another leading fashion KOL with over 1 million followers and +100k views. She conducts interviews with celebrities and loves to insert her opinions in her posts. Realgogoboi charges around $2k per post and has worked with brands such as: Gucci, Yves Klein, Jo Malone and 3.1 Philip Lim.

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