Healthcare|Free Lunch|Mar 01, 2018

China’s NGS Market – Maturing for NIPT & Promising for Oncology

Since 2014, the Chinese government started to regulate NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) market for clinical applications and NGS technology has been more and more adopted especially for NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Test) and cancer diagnosis and treatment. There are many topics can be talked in this market and SmithStreet would like to share the following 3 points: (for more specific market insights, please send a request to  more

Healthcare|Free Lunch|May 14, 2017

Chinese Hospitals Distribution by Provinces

By the end of 2015, China has 27,587 hospitals in total in which 14,518 hospitals are private. These hospitals include general hospitals and others specializing in different fields and provide services to the whole China. However, quality of the hospitals varies by location. Based on the treatment quality, China's hospitals are ranked as Grade 3, Grade 2, Grade 1 and no grade hospitals. more

|Info-graphics|Nov 14, 2014

Diabetes is Under-Diagnosed and Poorly Managed in China

76% of China's diabetes sufferers remain undiagnosed, and of those who are diagnosed, only approx. 40% maintain normal blood sugar levels. 

|Info-graphics|Nov 12, 2014

The Implications of China’s Latest Healthcare Reforms

An overview of China's latest healthcare reforms and the opportunities for foreign investment. 

|Info-graphics|Nov 12, 2014

Diabetes in Numbers

China vs. USA: a comparison of diabetes figures in China and the USA

Healthcare|Info-graphics|Jul 22, 2014

Who Runs China’s Nursing Homes?

China estimates a need for approximately 5 million new nursing home beds by 2020 for its aging population.  So who will build these beds? Our new infograph lays out the current structure of nursing home operation and how private companies will feature in the coming years. more

Healthcare|Info-graphics|Jun 30, 2014

What the Benefits of Your BMI Card Really Look Like

China's basic medical insurance covers over 90% of Chinese people. However, its benefits are often not as great as they seem. Check out our flow chart to understand how basic medical insurance in China works, and where this leaves room for commercial health insurance.more

Wall Street Journal|In the News|May 27, 2014

China Increases Subsidies for Basic Medical Coverage

China has taken another step toward improving its social safety net by boosting subsidies for basic medical coverage. Robin Kerawala, a pharmaceutical expert and co-founding partner of Shanghai-based consultancy SmithStreet, commented that the move "could be a meaningful adjustment on the path to parity".more

China Primary Care|Info-graphics|May 23, 2014

Insufficient Primary Care in China

There is a huge gap between the demand and supply of general practitioners in China. This info-graphic reveals some facts and statistics of China primary care.


Wall Street journal|In the News|May 22, 2014

Roche Says Chinese Authorities Visited Facilities

Chinese government visited Roche Holding AG's facilities this week, another move indicating its efforts to maintain pressure on the pharmaceutical industry. "The government is very serious about anti-corruption," said Robin Kerawala, Co-founder of SmithStreet, "they want the public to know that they are looking into this and that it's a key objective."


Healthcare|Info-graphics|Apr 30, 2014

China Needs More Nursing Homes

The ageing population in China creates increasing demands for nursing homes. However, the existing inadequate infrastructure draws a huge contrast. This infographic presents you a vivid picture on the issue why China needs more nursing homes.more

|Video|Apr 21, 2014

What's Driving China Healthcare's Shift to Stricter Compliance

The Chinese government has put forward a series of policies that shift healthcare to stricter compliance. Robin Kerawala, Partner and Co-founder of SmithStreet, shares with us what he thinks are the three main reasons that behind this phenomenon. more

Healthcare|Speech|Apr 17, 2014

Opportunities in China’s Elderly Care Facilities Market

What is the current situation in China’s elderly care facilities market? Mr. Jules Falzado, Engagement Manager of SmithStreet Healthcare will share his view on current situation and future opportunities in China’s elderly care.more

SmithStreet News|In the News|Apr 09, 2014

Standards of Care for Type 2 Diabetes in China: 2013 Clinical Practice Survey Report

Working with the China Diabetes Society (CDS), SmithStreet conducted a report to reveal the status and standards of Care for Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) in China. The report is based on a national online survey, reaching out to 15,600 physicians and receiving 1,024 valid responses.


Reuters|In the News|Apr 03, 2014

GE Recalls Hundreds of Baby 'Warmers' in China Over Safety Fears

Regarding GE's recalls on hundreds of baby "warmers" in China, Jason Loh, a medical expert at SmithStreet said, "at the end, poor and incapable companies will be eliminated, while large local players can focus their strength on R&D and innovation, perhaps taking over market share from foreign players."more

|Info-graphics|Mar 31, 2014

Must-know Facts about Diabetes

Do you want to know entry-level knowledge about diabetes? This info-graphic is a must-read.more

|Video|Mar 24, 2014

Three Things for Healthcare Companies to Consider in China

SmithStreet's Spencer Morrison talks about THREE things for healthcare companies to consider when they develop China strategies, backed up with the latest real life examples. His talk shed light on international healthcare firms how navigate China's healthcare market in the current complex dynamics.


|Info-graphics|Nov 22, 2013

The State of Primary Care: Comparisons between the US and China

In China, there is no solidified image of primary care physicians as primary care has really just begun. For most patients in the US, primary care physicians are the health system’s “face” – the providers they see most often and the ones with whom they develop long-term relationships.more

Wall Street Journal|In the News|Aug 06, 2013

China Uses Dairy Scare to Help Domestic Firms

Fonterra's recall will certainly have a negative impact on New Zealand dairy products. However, it would be difficult for Chinese consumers to switch back to domestic brands even under the circumstances.more

South China Morning Post|In the News|Jul 19, 2013

No Magic Pill to Beat Graft

The features of the mainland's healthcare system - including the nature of hospital funding and the low salaries of doctors in public hospitals - encouraged unlawful practices in China pharmaceutical industry.more

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