Chemical Week|Oct 05, 2009

SmithStreet in Chemical Week

SmithStreet Director Anders Paulsson’s insights were featured in an article published today by Chemical Week examining the effects of China’s economic stimulus package on the chemical industry. more

NHK|Oct 01, 2009

SmithStreet Featured in NHK’s Close-up

SmithStreet Managing Partner Franklin Yao and Principal Steven Lee were interviewed by NHK’s Close-up, in an episode featuring China’s transitioning economy that aired on October 1, 2009. more

Mergers Unleashed|Sep 23, 2009

SmithStreet in Mergers Unleashed

SmithStreet Managing Partner Franklin Yao’s insights on China M&A were featured today in an article about the development of inland China published by Mergers Unleashed. more

China Daily|Aug 30, 2009

New Rules may Boost Overseas Investment

The seemingly contradictory decision to both encourage and tighten control over China's outbound investment is in line with the Chinese government's approach to business. more

SmithStreet News|Aug 22, 2009

SmithStreet Managing Partner Attended Yangpu High-Tech District Overseas Chinese Committee Openning Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the general assembly of the Yangpu High-Tech District Overseas Chinese Committee was held in Yangpu Science and Technology Investment Development Co., Ltd. more

DowJones Financial News|Aug 21, 2009

Chinese Outbound M&A Enjoys $20Bn Spike in Second Quarter

The volume of mergers and acquisitions made by Chinese companies in foreign targets rebounded sharply in the second quarter after an abysmal first three months of the year, with targeted companies in North America and Europe accounting for the majority of the activity. more

SmithStreet News|Aug 15, 2009

Shanghai Government Partners with SmithStreet to Work towards a Chinglish-free Expo

By leveraging its translation expertise and multicultural staff from various professional backgrounds, SmithStreet worked with the Shanghai Language Committee to ensure that the new guidelines are accurate and easily understood by English native and non-native speakers. more

SmithStreet News|Jun 17, 2009

Steven C. Lee, CFA, Joins SmithStreet to Head Investment Research & Analytics Division

Bringing Steven’s global Wall Street experience on board is part of our commitment to building the best investment research team in China and delivering tangible impact for clients. more

SmithStreet News|Jun 01, 2009

SmithStreet and ENHANCE International LLC Form Strategic Alliance

SmithStreet has announced a strategic alliance with ENHANCE International LLC, the leading management consultancy firm in the financial services industry. more

SmithStreet News|Apr 25, 2009

SmithStreet - Proud Sponsor of the Fifth China Institute Executive Summit, 2009

SmithStreet, a sponsor of this summit, will co-work with the China Institute (CI), the host of the summit, to conduct the Fifth Annual China Institute Executive Summit White Paper – A Survey on Executive Insights towards US-China Government Approaches to the Economic Stimulus. more

Hurun Report|Feb 01, 2009

Internationalization Calls for Innovation Internationalization and Innovation Seminar

SmithStreet Managing Partner Franklin Yao talked "The New Concept of Internationalization" on the KIC Internationalization and Innovation Seminar. more

SmithStreet News|Jan 15, 2009

SmithStreet and Glocal Strategy cooperate to form the Glocal Knowledge Center

SmithStreet and Glocal Strategy signed a strategic cooperation agreement in early 2008 to form the Glocal Knowledge Center (GKC). more

Oriental Morning Post|Dec 13, 2008

Franklin Yao: “I want to recruit talent from Wall Street”

SmithStreet's founding partner Franklin Yao tells his story to the Oriental Morning Post. more

China Daily|Nov 10, 2008

NGO's Energy Forum Underway in Beijing

JUCCCE is a virtually managed international network of advocates, corporate resources and volunteers collaborating on programs. SmithStreet is among the many international organizations that contribute to the programs in China. more

SmithStreet News|Apr 01, 2008

SmithStreet is a Proud Supporter of JUCCCE

SmithStreet is proud to help JUCCCE by providing them knowledge support services. These services include: data collection of Shanghai-area high schools information, activities planning, research of metrics, etc. more
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