Wall Street Journal|Oct 09, 2013

Yum Concedes Missteps in China

A lack of innovation and other missteps by Yum Brands Inc. in China are accelerating the slide of what was long one of the most successful foreign businesses in the world’s biggest emerging market. "When Yum's growth slowed in the U.S., it looked to China and now they've been riding this growth wave for such a long time that they haven't had to innovate," said James Button on Wall Street Journal, a senior manager at SmithStreet. more

China Daily|Sep 27, 2013

New Legal Era for Shanghai Trade Zone

Calling the general business environment the top factor in attracting foreign investment, Anders Paulsson, Partner of SmithStreet, said the Shanghai free trade zone is expected to provide more business opportunities. more

Reuters|Sep 17, 2013

In China, the Devil Doesn't Wear Prada

Why Prada can keep a solid growth in China in spite of the government's harsh crackdown on gift-giving while brands like LVMH and Richemont have experienced severe slowdowns in sales. Franklin Yao shared his thoughts, saying that Prada offers an understated choice for China's luxury consumers who would like to stay away from logos. more

Wall Street Journal|Sep 05, 2013

Lego Revenue Rises, Buoyed by Demand From Asia

With a 35% growth in sales to customers in Asia, Lego has been betting on the ability to appeal to Asian children as their parents pay more attention on toys and playtime. James Button shares his insights into Lego's efforts in China. more

Wall Street Journal|Sep 04, 2013

In China, Veil Begins to Lift on High Consumer Prices

Discussing Chinese consumers’ response to high product prices at home, James Button suggests that they would compare overseas prices with what they see in China-based stores and wait to buy goods when abroad. more

Wall Street Journal|Sep 04, 2013

Chart: The Extra-Caffeinated Cost of a Starbucks Latte in China

SmithStreet depict what goes into the extra-caffeinated cost of a Starbucks grande latte in China, providing a better understanding of "China Price". more

CBN Weekly |Aug 26, 2013

The Future of Foreign Liquor

Whiskey would never change the drinking habit of the old generations in China, and would highly unlikely replace baijiu in a traditional banquet as well. On the other hand, baijiu would never be drunk in a nightclub by the young people as the way whiskey being consumed right now. So the choice that young people drink at home is the real battlefield between whiskey and baijiu. more

Women's Wear Daily|Aug 15, 2013

Tapping Into China's WeChat Boom

With the impact WeChat is having on people’s lives and the way people are sharing information in all sorts of ways, it is an all-encompassing tool. But in terms of how brands are taking advantage of it, it is still very early on because it is so new. more

Wall Street Journal|Aug 06, 2013

China Uses Dairy Scare to Help Domestic Firms

Fonterra's recall will certainly have a negative impact on New Zealand dairy products. However, it would be difficult for Chinese consumers to switch back to domestic brands even under the circumstances. more

Finanz und Wirtschaft|Jul 23, 2013

Weak Corporate Governance in China

An indirect due diligence is often more successful than a direct approach. The sound and profitable company at first glance look suddenly different if we talk to their suppliers, customers, former employees, government officials, banks and industry representatives. Differences between the "market opinion" and the image of that company is drawing itself. more

South China Morning Post|Jul 19, 2013

No Magic Pill to Beat Graft

The features of the mainland's healthcare system - including the nature of hospital funding and the low salaries of doctors in public hospitals - encouraged unlawful practices in China pharmaceutical industry. more

Finanz und Wirtschaft |Jul 18, 2013

GlaxoSmithKline: Order and Discipline in China

China pharmaceutical market is extremely fragmented. Doctors and hospital managers usually have the power to choose among different providers of medical services and medicines. "The domestic pharmaceutical companies have set the rules of the game. Now the foreign companies are blamed for the abusing the rules." Mr. Kerawala noted. more

Wall Street Journal|Jul 12, 2013

Johnnie Walker’s Bruce Lee Video: Tasteless Ad or Brilliant Marketing?

The vast majority of whisky in China is consumed at karaoke clubs between large groups of friends. By contrast, in the West it is more commonly consumed at home and in private. As a result, the Chinese whisky-drinking crowd is much more youthful – and female – than in the West. more

Wall Street Journal|Jul 08, 2013

Swatch Keeps Grip on China's Bling Ring

The most prominent Swatch’s advantages in China is that it sells a wide price range of products, which enables the less-wealthy shoppers to make a purchase on these less pricy yet fine quality watches, while many of other fancy watch brands failed to provide enough products specific for the rising middle-class. more

Reuters|Jul 03, 2013

NBA's Wade in China to Promote Sneakers, But Supply is Short

Li Ning is obviously missing out on potential sales in the U.S., given the buzz that the shoes have generated, but building out U.S. distribution may not be as quick as the opportunity to sign Dwyane Wade was. more

Wall Street Journal|Jun 28, 2013

Tell Victoria's Secret Far and Wide

With the sales slowed down, L Brands, owner of lingerie queen Victoria's Secret, can leverage its labels to expand by taking market share in China and Europe. Victoria's Secret is one of China's most desired brands, says Franklin Yao, CEO of Smith Street. more

Jing Daily|Jun 26, 2013

The ‘China Price’ Is Not Right

Among China’s sophisticated consumers, the price gap between China and the rest of the world has become common knowledge.How brands canaAttract cost-savvy customers? Check out what James Button told us at his second Jing Daily column article. more

Jing Daily|May 20, 2013

China’s Fashion Market in Transition: Winners Emerge As Competition Heats Up

James Button, SmithStreet Director, published his first column article at Jing Daily. As the fashion market becomes more competitive amidst a slowdown, brands must pay close attention to Chinese consumers' evolving requirements. more

Wall Street Journal|May 16, 2013

With No Time Left to Lose, Richemont Needs a Close Watch

The sales for Richemont's luxury watches is falling recently due to the change of consumption concepts. Franklin shared his opinions about such declining, and this may be helpful to the investors to further observe the industrial situation. more

Reuters|May 02, 2013

Analysis: Wall Street to Best Buy - Now, get out of China

One of Best Buy's problems was that the retailer's own-brand stores never adapted to the local market or succeeded in wooing the Chinese customer, who often shops on e-commerce sites like more

Women's Wear Daily|May 01, 2013

China E-commerce Landscape Altered by Alibaba Deal

What is missing from e-commerce in China is the ability for consumers to have an online shopping experience that feels like shopping in brick-and-mortar retail with friends. Adding Weibo to Taobao creates an experience that is closer to the offline experience. more

Wall Street Journal|Apr 16, 2013

Louis Vuitton's China Problem

Louis Vuitton’s recent decision to increase their prices in Europe was the resulting slowing of revenue growth, and in relation to purchases by Chinese tourists abroad. more

Women's Wear Daily|Apr 15, 2013

Retail's Concession Stand: To Lease or Not to Lease

Concession deals is a dominate trend in Europe and is becoming more accepted in the U.S. However, the in-store shop model in China is beginning to face increased competition, as more and more retailers that sell multiple brands, such as Hong Kong’s IT and Lane Crawford, begin to open up in China. more

South China Morning Post|Apr 07, 2013

Uphill battle awaits China's domestic fashion labels despite 'first lady effect'

Local brands such as Exception are beginning to realize that the mainland consumer is increasingly more sophisticated. Western brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci must also try to differentiate themselves in the China market and evolve their brands. more

China Daily|Mar 29, 2013

Shifting Focus from Brand to Style

While Chinese Apparel Consumers in tier 2 and 3 cities still focus on “brand” in their apparel choices, the shopping elite in tier 1 cities are beginning to base their consumption choices on “style” over “brand.” more

China Daily|Mar 29, 2013

Of Mouse and the Middle Man

As every major brand available in the US and Europe will be in China over the (next) five years, according to Yao, only those selling products with a high profit margin will survive in the long run. more

The Economist Conference|Mar 11, 2013

SmithStreet Shortlisted in The Economist Healthcare in Asia Conference 2013

"Measures to Control Prices of Drugs and Medical Supplies in China: Regulations, Practices and Implications", healthcare case contributed by SmithStreet, was shortlisted in the Economist Healthcare in Asia 2013 for Category I - Policy. more

Wall Street Journal|Jul 31, 2012

J.Crew Brings Its Brand to China

U.S.-based clothing retailers such as Gap Inc. and Levi Strauss & Co. have fared well with Chinese consumers, who have been looking for midrange, high-quality clothing, including from European brands Zara and H&M. J.Crew must compete with dozens of midtier international clothing names already in the market. SmithStreet Managing Partner Franklin Yao shared his insights with Wall Street Journal. more

SmithStreet News|Jun 27, 2012

SmithStreet Joins the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai

SmithStreet now joined the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai as a corporate member. By joining the CanCham Shanghai, SmithStreet will be more active on helping the Canadian companies with their China market related strategy building. The membership will also enable SmithStreet take more chamber activities. more

The Economist|May 12, 2012

Riding the Gilded Tiger

With the advent of China’s economic boom, the exceptionally rich segment of the Chinese population expects a lot more than just the typical special treatment. In fact, even those from the provincial cities are expecting extra pampering from their local luxury shops. more
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