Reuters|In the News|Nov 18, 2016

New Look Seeks Fashion Edge in China with Local Designs

A bigger challenge for New Look may be to secure the right locations, especially as rivals also seek to add hundreds of stores in the coming years.

"To find 500 stores of real estate and roll that out in the right way ... I think it is virtually impossible," said Franklin Yao, managing partner at strategy consultants Smith Street.


Bloomberg|In the News|Jul 18, 2016

Nestle Seeks China Turnaround Online as Competitors Abound

It can be challenging for fast-moving consumer goods brands to be profitable in China's E-commerce space, but brand presence is essential. When consumers search for your brand, you want to be the one controlling the narrative. SmithStreet consultant Samuel Coopersmith said at Bloomberg interview, that e-commerce sellers need to use a variety of strategies, like paying Alibaba for top placement spots and engaging with its search algorithm, to remain visible to buyers.more

German Chamber|In the News|Jun 16, 2016

A Middle-Class Force Awakens

Nowadays, there is no longer the desire to invest in that LV bag because it means having to forgo watching IMAX movies, eating at Ippudo Ramen, participating in an exercise class, flying to Hokkaido for cherry blossom season, or owning an iPhone 6S instead of a Xiaomi. Actually given Apple’s recent earning report, we can even argue that physical luxury is now no longer as important as it once was.  In other words, the new middle-class has a broader set of spending choices today that need to be satisfied before moving into spending on true luxury products. However this consumer may soon be ready to spend on luxury again.

Retail Real Estate|In the News|Apr 07, 2016

The China Challenge: Where to Expand Luxury Retail

China’s brick-and-mortar luxury retailing has suffered in recent years because of a combination of factors – many of which are about increasing access to more options and yuan-friendly prices when purchasing luxury abroad while traveling or online from international e-tailers.more

Luxury|In the News|Apr 07, 2016

Luxury Firms React to China Economic Upheaval

When it comes to China and its ongoing economic turmoil, brands must look to the long term — and change strategy.more

Cross-border Ecommerce|Free Lunch|Apr 07, 2016

China's Cross Border Tax Reform

Currently cross border ecommerce in China is taxed through the "postal articles tax" which varies according to category. For example, mom and baby products are taxed at 10% while cosmetics are taxed at 50%. Starting April 8th of this year tax reforms will come into effect that will change the current landscape of cross border ecommerce in China and present both opportunities and challenges for companies and distributors across a variety of categories.


E-commerce|Free Lunch|Apr 07, 2016

E-Commerce in China Strategy

Making the decision to join China's growing e-commerce market can be a daunting tasks. Brands have to consider consumer reactions, the impact on brand image and timeline for return on investment.


WeChat|Free Lunch|Mar 02, 2016

5 Brands, 5 Great Wechat Strategies

Brand images, customer service, location based services (LBS), WeChat Shop, CRM...see what WeChat can do for brands.

WWD|In the News|Nov 18, 2015

China’s Watch-Buying Habits Are Changing

Chinese consumers are buying fewer watches in China and Hong Kong, but that doesn’t mean they are any less interested in luxury timepieces.

Wall Street Journal|In the News|Sep 14, 2015

Chinese Luxury Shoppers Speak Euro

“You prepare for the worst, but then the worst is even worse than what you prepared for...It’s a come-to-Jesus moment. Everything we’ve been doing we have to rethink.” Franklin Yao, Managing Partner and Co-founder of SmithStreet was featured by Wall Street Journal.more

MNCs|Chinese Consumers|Sep 07, 2015

One Size Strategy Recipe to Fail

Trust, Respect and Empathy are the keys to success for foreign retail brands in China.more

Reuters|In the News|Jun 02, 2015

Import tax cuts no remedy for retail slowdown

China's economic policymakers clearly didn't consult mother-of-one Chen Xuejun when they decided to try stimulating consumer demand by slashing import tariffs on sneakers to skincare. SmithStreet's Robin Kerawala told Reuters' Adam Jourdan, "It's a good sentiment from Beijing, but the impact on the price consumers will actually see is going to be diluted."more

Reuters|In the News|May 25, 2015

China slashes import tax on skincare to shoes to spark domestic demand

The Ministry said lowering duties should steer a shift in consumers' shopping habits, helping boost imports and domestic consumption. Any immediate impact, however, could be limited because import taxes are only one part of the price gap between China and other markets, said Robin Kerawala, Shanghai-based partner at consultancy SmithStreet.


WWD|In the News|Apr 13, 2015

Chinese Consumers Applaud Chanel Price Drop

Though it may not be the right move for every luxury brand, Chanel's worldwide price realignment seems to be a positive one. James Button explained that it was the kind of move a high-profile, exclusive first mover such as Chanel could benefit from, because Chanel customers aren’t necessarily as price-driven as those shopping for other brands.


Consumers |Info-graphics|Feb 17, 2015

Korean Soap Operas Drive Luxury Sales in China

Chinese Korean Soap Operas are increasingly influencing the purchasing behavior of young Chinese luxury consumers. Many luxury products have become top sellers after these shows become popular in China. more

|Info-graphics|Feb 15, 2015

SmithStreet Wishes You A Happy Chinese New Year

SmithStreet wishes all of you a prosperous Year of the Goat!


|Info-graphics|Feb 04, 2015

Foreign Players Choices: PPP vs. BOT

When entering the China market, foreign players usually have multiple choices to realize cooperation with government. Here is our info-graphic explaining how to weigh against Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) and Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) models.more

BloombergBusiness|In the News|Jan 30, 2015

Why Luxury Brands Love China's Sex and the City

Why luxury brands, like Fendi, Michael Kors and Lancome, are looking to profit on the buzz generated by popular Tiny Times  books and films. Jasmine Sun, Smithstreet manager, analyzed that movies have attracted younger Chinese and represent the aspirations of teenagers, a generation which is superficial, materialist, and creative with less burdens and limitations.more

Women's Wear Daily|In the News|Jan 28, 2015

Alibaba in Hot Water With Chinese Regulators

The State Administration for Industry & Commerce released the “Alibaba White Paper” on its Web site, accusing Taobao of turning a blind eye to piracy and counterfeit products. Jasmine Sun, Smithstreet manager, showed no surprise because shoppers on Taobao are gambling that they might buy something authentic, or they just get something close enough to an authentic product for a bargain price.more

Consumers |Info-graphics|Jan 28, 2015

The Future of Advertising on Social Media Apps

On Jan 25, WeChat officially introduced the very first advertisements on WeChat Moment, which resulted in a social buzz on various media platforms. The first three advertisements were from BMW, Coca cola and Vivo. Here is our infographic explaining WeChat Moment ads and its comparison with ads on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  


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